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Teacher, omda detained in East Darfur

September 21 - 2015 LABADO
El Fasher market, North Darfur (file photo)
El Fasher market, North Darfur (file photo)

Security officers detained a secondary school teacher and an omda in East Darfur’s Yassin locality on Saturday. They are accused of instigating people against the authorities.

An activist informed Radio Dabanga from Labado that a group of security agents from Ed Daein, capital of East Darfur, arrived at the town’s market on Saturday, and held teacher Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdo and Omar Awdibo, the omda of Muhajiriya. They took them to an unknown destination.

“Both are falsely accused of instigating vendors and tea sellers not to pay the exorbitant new taxes of SDG1,000 ($163) for a stall and SDG3,000 ($488) for a shop. The taxes are raised by new officials of the ruling National Congress Party,” the source explained.

He added that the two men were also falsely accused of inciting the displaced who took refuge in the Unamid compound in Labado not to return to their villages because of the insecure situation. He demanded their immediate release.

On Sunday, about 500 students from the Labado Secondary School went to the streets to protest against the detention. Security troops stopped the students at gunpoint and forced them to return to the school.

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