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Surge in malaria cases crowds West Darfur health facilities

October 15 - 2017 SIRBA / EL GENEINA / MURNEI
The Anopheles mosquito, carrier of the Malaria parasite (File photo)
The Anopheles mosquito, carrier of the Malaria parasite (File photo)

Health facilities in West Darfur are struggling to handle a surge in Malaria cases, brought on by the rainy season. In Sirba, the hospital must accommodate patients three to a bed.

The Coordinator of the Sirba camps for the displaced told Radio Dabanga that a basic school teacher and a basic schoolgirl died in Kendebe on Wednesday. A health source at El Geneina hospital in the state capital confirmed the transfer of four secondary school students from Sirba; Rashida Adam Ali, Naima Abakar Osman, Hanan Abdallah Ibrahim and Mariam Abdallah Ishag.

He told Radio Dabanga that the spread of the disease is due to the rainy season and pointed to the rise of incidences of malaria in Kereinik, Beida, and Foro Baranga localities.

People in Murnei have also complained of the outbreak and spread of malaria. A number of patients have reported deaths and dozens of infections in the past few weeks.

Patients say the price of malaria medicine in a pharmacy is SDG 80 ($12) for an injection and SDG 40 ($6) for pills without examination.

Patients have appealed to the authorities and humanitarian organisations to provide medicines in the hospitals.

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