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Supporters of stranded students, politician detained in Sudan

Food served for the more than 1,500 students from Bakht El Rida University, who are stranded in Sheikh El Yagout today (RD)
Food served for the more than 1,500 students from Bakht El Rida University, who are stranded in Sheikh El Yagout today (RD)

Five members of an initiative in support of the stranded students in White Nile were detained by the Sudanese security service on Thursday. In North Kordofan, the head of the SCP branch was convicted after circulating a letter about corruption.

Members of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) detained five leaders of the Sudanese Community Initiative visiting the more than 1,000 students from Bakht El Rida University who have been blocked entrance to Khartoum.

At the checkpoint of Jebel Awlia, south of Khartoum, El Sadig Adam Ismail, the Civil Society Initiative policy director, Hamid Ali, secretary-general of the initiative, head of a coalition of Darfur organisations Najla Mohamed Ali, Hasabo Mohamed and Bushra El Sayim, along with two ill students, were stopped by NISS members and questioned for two hours.

On Wednesday afternoon, the NISS also arrested the political secretary of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) and a number of other party leaders, at a checkpoint in Jebel Awlia locality after they visited the students in Sheikh El Yagout.

Opposition leader sentenced

Um Rawaba Criminal Court in North Kordofan sentenced the head of the SCP in Um Rawaba, Hatim Mirghani Abdelrahman to a fine of SDG200,000 ($29,850) or two-year imprisonment in case of non-payment.

Nureldin Salaheldin, head of the SCP in Khartoum, said the verdict came against the backdrop of a report by the compulsory military service coordinator, because of a letter about the corruption of the ruling National Congress Party that was circulated. The coordinator complained about defamation of his character.

Salaheldin criticised the court: “It took place in one session after the defence provided written pleadings, followed by the verdict.”

Mudawi trial postponed

On Thursday the court in Khartoum North postponed the trial of Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim, Hafiz Idris and Mubarak Adam to August because of the absence of the accused lawyer Tasnim, who is currently in Cairo.

Lawyer Nabil Adib of the defence team of Dr Ibrahim and his fellow human rights activists and companions told Radio Dabanga that the hearing was postponed for three weeks.

“We objected to the request because that would lead to prolonging the trial, and demand the separation of the case of Tasnim, but the court saw the necessity to postpone it.”

Dr Ibrahim, an engineering professor at the University of Khartoum, was arrested by agents of the NISS on 7 December last year together with his driver, Hafiz Idris. He founded and is the former director of the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO). 

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