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Sudanese refugees in Chad lament food distribution delays

Darfuri children in Touloum refugee camp in eastern Chad (file photo)
Darfuri children in Touloum refugee camp in eastern Chad (file photo)

Sudanese refugees in camp Touloum in eastern Chad have refused to be classified into three categories with regard to eligibility for food assistance.

In a memorandum submitted to a delegation of international and local organisations that visited the refugee camp on Thursday, they explained that the organisation responsible for food distribution has classified the refugees into three categories according to eligibility for food assistance, and printed red, yellow and green cards under that classification.

They explained that the classification has led to a delay in the distribution of food in the camp for three months, causing deterioration of the humanitarian situation. They have attributed their refusal to the classification for being based on false information.

They complain about high poverty among the refugees, lack of agricultural projects around the camp, failure to provide economic projects through organisations and lack of employment opportunities for the educated and professional refugees.

Mob violence

Earlier this month, Chadian authorities have arrested 57 refugees from Bredjing camp in eastern Chad in the wake of violence, which claimed the lives of six camp sheikhs and injured 17 others.

Mob violence broke-out in Bredjing camp, that houses mainly Darfuri refugees near Adré in eastern Chad. The camp is experiencing a shortage of food since the decision of the humanitarian organisations to stop the food rations of some 2,000 refugees out of 43,000 in the camp based on the inventory of the food cards on the pretext that they are capable of providing for themselves.

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