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Sudanese migrants tortured to death in Libya

January 22 - 2018 TRIPOLI
A prison cell in Sudan (
A prison cell in Sudan (

On Friday, two Sudanese died as a result of torture at the Tajoura Prison in Libya.

Sudanese activist Adam Hari Bosh told Radio Dabanga from Tripoli that he could not give any details about the victims so far.

He pointed to two videos that appeared on social media on Saturday, showing Sudanese being tortured by Libyan militiamen. Radio Dabanga has access to the videos of the torture.

“Libyan gangs sent shocking videos showing two young Darfuris from Kutum being subjected to brutal torture to their families, demanding a ransom of SDG 120,000 ($17,000) for each of them,” he said.

“Dozens of such video’s have been made in Libya. These practices happen in the official Libyan prisons administered by the Libyan Ministry of Interior.

“The areas where this violence take place are all under control of the Libyan government. Sudanese living in the eastern Libyan areas controlled by the forces of Brig. Khalifa Hafter are much safer.”

Sudanese govt.

Bosh criticised the Sudanese government for doing nothing to help its nationals in Libya. “All African governments have evacuated their nationals from Libya, except the Sudanese government. Khartoum has done nothing to save its own people.

“More than 5,000 Sudanese are stranded in Libya,” he said. The majority of them are from Darfur, who have become the most vulnerable to the horrific abuses in Libya.”

The activist claimed that the Sudanese government assured the Libyan authorities that the Darfuris in Libya are all rebels, who used to be mercenaries in the Libyan army under command of late President Muammar Gaddafi. “According to Khartoum, they should be detained and eliminated.”

African Union

The Commissioner of Social Affairs of the AU Commission, Amira El Fadil, commented yesterday by saying that she has ordered an investigation into the origin of the videos.

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