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Sudanese-Chadian troops torture villagers in West Darfur

April 27 - 2015 SIRBA LOCALITY
Sirba locality (OCHA map of West Darfur)
Sirba locality (OCHA map of West Darfur)

Members of a joint Sudanese-Chadian force detained five villagers in Sirba locality on Wednesday. After severely beating and torturing them, they released them again on Saturday.

The coordinator of the Sirba camps for the displaced explained to Radio Dabanga that the reason for their detention was a weapon, a member of a government-backed militia claimed to have lost near the village of Goz Bagar early last week.

“Members of the joint Sudanese-Chadian border forces, stationed at Bir Saliba, began searching the houses of Goz Bagar one by one. When they found the alleged weapon, they detained El Sadeg Ishag Abakar, Mahmoud Suleiman Yousef, Yahya Adam Ismail, Mohamed Adam, and El Nur Erwa.

“The five villagers were severely beaten and tortured for three consecutive days, after which they were released,” he reported. “They are in a very bad physical and mental condition.”

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