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Sudan uprising: Masses demonstrate in Omdurman on Sunday

January 21 - 2019 SUDAN

On Sunday, many Sudanese people demonstrated in Omdurman, as demonstrations demanding president Omar Al Bashir and his regime steps down entered their fifth week.

Yesterday, Sudanese demonstrations demanding the step-down of Al Bashir and his regime from power witnessed simultaneous demonstrations in Omdurman and El Sararab, north of Omdurman, and several places in El Gezira, including the capital Wad Madani, El Managil, El Hasahisa, El Kameer and towns in the south of the state.

Demonstrators in Omdurman were blocked from marching to Parliament to hand over a memorandum requesting Al Bashir and his regime to step down.

Security forces were deployed with unprecedented size along streets leading to Parliament yesterday. A military barracks was set up which closed bridges and barbed wire was spread along entrances to Parliament, preventing access to demonstrators. Security forces used live ammunition, rubber bullets, tear gas, electric wires, and batons, causing injury to demonstrators. Arrests were also made of many demonstrators.

Mass protests in Omdurman, Sudan on January 20 2019 (Social media)


People came out to demonstrate nonetheless. At one point during the day, two groups of anti-government protesters spontaneously met in El Abbasiya, Omdurman.

Crash with demonstrators

On social media, a video was widely spread depicting a truck overturns after crashing into a wall, while chasing the demonstrators in the streets of Omdurman. In the video, demonstrators can be seen rushing to the car. Some demonstrators confront a soldier, but are held back. The soldier is then allowed to leave. Another is pictured laying on the floor, allegedly injured in the crash.

Witnesses from the scene of the event told Radio Dabanga that the demonstrators tried to provide the soldiers with aid. The demonstrators said they were peaceful and it had nothing to do with sabotage.


Another video shows an injured soldier lying on the ground next to the same truck. Amongst the chaos, demonstrators call to a passing security forces truck to help this soldier. You can watch it here, but please be aware this video has sensitive content.

Wad Madani

A resident of Wad Madani told Radio Dabanga that demonstrations were launched yesterday at 2pm in which people chanted for the ousting of the regime. The security forces reportedly faced the demonstrators with excessive force and tear gas.

El Gezira

Yesterday, security forces besieged the students at El Gezira University who carried out a protest inside the university, calling for the fall of the regime. They prevented students from taking to the streets.

On Sunday, El Jalawin village in El Gezira state demonstrated in solidarity with the call of the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) and in solidarity with the Omdurman demonstration.


Doctors of Singa Hospital in Sennar held a protest in front of the hospital, condemning the security apparatus’ killing of peaceful protesters, including a doctor, on Sunday. Doctors told Radio Dabanga that a protest was carried out by dozens of doctors at the gate of the educational hospital for half an hour in Singa, capital of Sennar, expressing their condemnation of the targeting of peaceful protesters and doctors.


Yesterday morning, the doctors of Kassala held a vigil in front of the Teaching Hospital, condemning the security services’ killing of peaceful protesters and doctors.


Doctors of El Fasher Teaching Hospital in North Darfur began a strike on Saturday in protest of the arrest of Dr Mohamed Adam Hussein from in front of Jebel Marra hospital in El Fasher.


On social media, activists held posters and posted them on Twitter to show solidarity with Sudanese people taking part in anti-government protests. In addition, Sudanese diaspora have begun calling on US politicians to take note of mass demonstrations happening in Sudan.

This evening, Sudanese diaspora in the UK called on their government to do more about killing of protestors in Sudan.

A protest with few people, but a powerful image, also took place in Paris, France on Sunday.

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