Sudan university directors: Studies to resume in ‘safe and stable states’

The main gate of the University of Khartoum (File photo: Petr Adam Dohnálek / CC BY-SA 3.0 cz)

University directors have confirmed the implementation of the decision to open universities in “safe and stable states”, provided that it is left to their administrations to approve an action plan according to their discretion and capabilities and in coordination with the relevant authorities in the concerned state.

At the end of their meetings, chaired by the Minister of Higher Education on Monday, university directors formed a committee to direct full support for higher education institutions and provide additional management that helps universities open their doors and resume their academic activities.

The university directors assigned the chairmanship of the committee to the director of the University of Gezira and the membership of the directors of the universities of Khartoum, Sennar, Niles, Red Sea and Kassala.

The meeting praised the initiative of universities in safe and stable states to host students and faculty members of war-affected universities to work in them and provide them with all capabilities.

The meeting discussed the issue of turning interiors into shelters for the displaced and its reflection on the start of receiving students, calling for the need to address the matter at all political and executive levels.

The meeting called on universities to work in supporting the war-affected community through psychological support, shelter, feeding and treatment. They stressed the adoption of the e-learning system with a recommendation to request assistance from Arab and international organizations and federations in the extension of educational platforms.

Resumption of studies

The Minister of Education in El Gezira Dr Kamal Abdallah announced last week the resumption of studies in the secondary stage for the year 2023-2024 at the end of this month, with the opening of the rest of the schools to be completed by the middle of next November.

With an estimated 19 million children out of school due to the war, Sudan’s education sector is divided over the decision to resume studies this month. Last week, the coalition of Sudanese University Professors’ Group said the decision undermines the independence of higher education and scientific research institutions.