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A compact digest of the past week’s most-read highlights, from the heart of Sudan.

A sit-in was set up on Saturday near the Republican Palace in Khartoum, October 17 (Social media)

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PM Hamdok: ‘Sudan facing worst and most dangerous crisis’
October 17 – 2021 KHARTOUM Sudan is facing the worst crisis, that threatens the transition, and even threatens the entire country, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok emphasised in an address to the Sudanese nation on Friday evening.

Thousands of people participated in a demonstration in the capital Khartoum on Saturday.
Hamdok said that “the failed coup attempt on 21 September was supposed to turn from a threat to an opportunity, to alert to everyone to the dangers threatening our country, so that people would pay attention to the causes of the crisis and the door to evil… but instead, the coup attempt became the door through which strife could enter, and all the hidden differences and accusations from all sides came out, putting our revolution in jeopardy.”
Supporters of the parties and armed struggle movements that signed the Charter for the Unity of the Forces for Freedom and Change on Saturday, participated in demonstrations in front of the Republican Palace on Saturday, along with native administration leaders, members of Sufi sects, and representatives of a number of tribes.

They chanted slogans calling for the completion of government institutions, the return of trade unions, and a comprehensive reform that includes all state institutions.

Economist warns for ‘dire consequences’ of Sudan’s political tensions
October 15 – 2021 KHARTOUM Economic expert Hasan Bashir has warned for the negative effects of the current political tensions on the domestic economy, as well as foreign investments.
The recent media disputes between the military and civilian components of the Sudanese government are “dangerous” as they have a negative impact on Sudan's reputation. In addition, the weeks-long closure of the sea ports and main roads in Red Sea state by Beja protestors has already brought huge losses to exporters and importers.
The economist considers the stability of the exchange rate despite the political instability “a positive indicator”. “Yet, if the current situation continues, it may lead to a fall of the Sudanese Pound.” He further warned that alternative use of Egyptian land ports will lead to higher transport costs, which will push inflation figures to new highs.
PM Abdallah Hamdok stated on Wednesday that “the economic reforms are no longer easy to influence, though overall indicators are still stable despite what the country has been going through during the past few weeks, in various states [in eastern Sudan] and the political crisis [in Khartoum]”.

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