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A compact digest of this week’s most-read highlights, from the heart of Sudan.

Members of the Feed Arts group and Sudan Colour group in a meeting with Justice Minister Abdelbari on September 20 (Social media)

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September 17 – 2020 KALMA / KHARTOUM / EL FASHER The displaced people in Darfur "have declared their full support for the peace initiative" proposed by the head of the mainstream Sudan Liberation Movement, Abdelwahid El Nur.

The Darfur Displaced and Refugees General Coordination has started to consult the people in the camps about the proposal of rebel leader Abdelwahid El Nur to hold an internal dialogue on the peace process, Yagoub Abdallah, head of the Darfur Displaced and Refugees General Coordination, told Radio Dabanga last week.

“The people consider the internal dialogue a real, correct, and radical approach to solve the Sudanese identity crisis and reach a lasting peace. We all hope that the government in Khartoum will positively respond to the initiative as well,” he stated.

Abdelwahid El Nur, founder and head of the mainstream Sudan Liberation Movement, which has still strongholds in Jebel Marra in central Darfur, did not join the peace talks in the South Sudan capital Juba in September last year.

El Nur, known as a “serial naysayer” adheres to his position that he will only join negotiations after security and stability have been realised in Sudan’s conflict-torn western region.


Prestigious Freedom Awards for Sudan activists
September 21 – 2020 WASHINGTON DC Two of this year’s three prestigious Freedom Awards have been awarded by US NGO Freedom House to Sudanese civil society organisations: the Sudanese Professionals Association and the Organisation of the December Revolution Martyrs' Families.

Samahir El Mubarak accepted the Freedom Award on behalf of the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA).

According to the US NGO Freedom House, that chooses the honorees, “the SPA organised and led the citizens of Sudan in peaceful protests demanding regime change in 2018. As a direct result of these protests, dictator Omar al-Bashir was removed from office in April 2019.

Dr. Amira Babiker accepted the Freedom Award on behalf of the Organisation of the December Revolution Martyrs' Families. “The organisation was created in response to the June 3, 2019 massacre of peaceful protesters by Sudan’s Armed Forces General Command. Their enduring mission is to ensure that justice for their loved ones is served and that their children did not die in vain. The organisation serves as a watchdog, guarding the values of freedom, peace and justice, and guiding Sudan toward a successful transition to democracy,” said Freedom House.

Sudanese to march on Thursday in support of Hamdok-El Hilu deal

September 22 – 2020 KADUGLI / KHARTOUM / CAIRO Nuba activists call on all Sudanese to participate in the marches scheduled for Thursday in support of the agreement between PM Abdallah Hamdok and rebel leader Abdelaziz El Hilu.

Artists sentenced to two months imprisonment

September 20 – 2020 KHARTOUM Five members of the Feed Arts Group were sentenced to two months imprisonment and a fine of SDG5,000 each for public disturbance. Among the most prominent of the Feed Arts Group sentenced to prison is young film director Hajooj Kuka, who won international awards with his documentary Beats of the Antonov.

Protests against former NISS officials' appointment at Sudan embassies

September 18 – 2020 EL GEDAREF / N'DJAMENA / RIYADH Dozens of activists organised a protest in El Gedaref, calling for two former members of the former National Intelligence and Security Service's appointment to the Sudanese embassies in N’Djamena in Chad and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to be cancelled.

COVID-19 lockdown lifted

September 17 – 2020 KHARTOUM Sudan’s High Committee for Health Emergencies is to lift the COVID-19 lockdown in the country, however the State of Health Emergency will be maintained.

41 held as ‘enough explosives to blow-up Khartoum’ seized

September 17 – 2020 KHARTOUM Sudan’s Attorney General Tajelsir El Hibir says that 41 people “belonging to terrorist cluster cells” have been arrested during the seizure of large quantities of explosives “enough to blow up the entire capital Khartoum”.

South Sudanese mediators to prepare signing of peace deal

September 16 – 2020 KHARTOUM South Sudanese mediators arrived in Khartoum yesterday to prepare the signing ceremony of the comprehensive peace agreement by the Sudanese government and the Sudan Revolutionary Front rebel alliance on October 3 in Juba. The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North led by Abdulaziz El Hilu has criticised statements of the Sudanese High Peace Council.

New school year postponed for two months

September 16 – 2020 KHARTOUM / JEBEL MARRA / SUDAN The Sudanese Minister of Education Mohamed El Amin El Tom announced yesterday that the opening of the new school year will be postponed until November 22, as the schools are “not ready yet”.

77 per cent of Sudanese live in poverty

September 16 – 2020 KHARTOUM / EL FASHER Sudan’s newly established Social Security Commission reported yesterday that 77 per cent of Sudanese now live in poverty. With the launch of a pilot of the Family Support Programme, the Ministry of Finance aims to reach half a million people. El Thiqa Islamic Bank has signed an agency contract with Western Union.

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