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Sudan summons Libyan Charge D'Affaires over Kufra consulate shut-down

July 27 - 2017 KHARTOUM
Map showing the location of Kufra, close to the border of Libya with Sudan
Map showing the location of Kufra, close to the border of Libya with Sudan

Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs today summoned the Libyan Charge D'Affaires to Sudan, Ali Muftah Mahroug, following yesterday’s announcement by the interim Libyan government of the closure of the Sudanese consulate in Kufra.

The official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reports that the Director General of Protocols at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yahya Abdeljaleel, told the Libyan diplomat that the Sudanese government rejects the accusations and allegations levelled in the Libyan statement against the consulate in Kufra, saying since its establishment the consulate has been respected and its work appreciated by the Leaders and community officials I the region whose population is linked by trade, economic and social interests that serve the two peoples.

The Ministry told the Libyan diplomat that it expects the officials there to reconsider their decision in a way that would allow the consulate to resume practicing its duties normally.

The Libyan diplomat has meanwhile expressed his regret for the closure of the consulate adding that his national accord government in Tripoli does look with appreciation at the supportive attitude by the Sudan in the Security Council for achieving peace and security in Libya.

He further pointed to the positive role played by the consulate in Kufra in serving the interests of the two peoples. He however said the area was not currently within the mandate or under the jurisdiction of the National Accord Government. He nonetheless promised to transmit the message to his government in Tripoli.

Yesterday the Beida-based interim government in eastern Libya closed-down the Sudanese consulate in Kufra, in south-eastern Libya, declared the diplomats persona non grata, and ordered them to leave the country within 72 hours. The Beida government says that Sudanese diplomats in Kufra have been working in a way “contrary to the status established by international conventions for the staff of diplomatic missions and consulates, which is in violation of Libyan national security”.

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