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Sudan security gags El Jareeda daily newspaper

September 25 - 2014 KHARTOUM

The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) confiscated the print run of El Jareeda daily newspaper on Wednesday. No reasons were given. NISS officers detained a journalist and a press photographer in Khartoum on Monday. 

El Yowm El Tali newspaper journalist Abdel Rahman El Ajeb, the former El Hurra press photographer Eisa Al Zein, and a number of citizens were detained by security officers near Comboni playground in downtown Khartoum on Monday evening. They are still being held, journalist and activist Amal Habbani reported to Radio Dabanga.

She described the widespread detentions these days as “organised crime by the regime”.

“The conditions the Sudanese journalists have to work in are extremely bad. Newspapers are confiscated and journalists are subjected to abuses and detained arbitrarily. Some journalists have even quit their jobs.” 

Sudan ranks 172th out of the 180 listed countries in the Press Freedom Index 2014 by Reporters Without Borders, published in February this year.

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