Sudan’s Oil Minister: ‘Report fuel stations selling to smugglers’

The Sudanese Minister of Oil and Gas prompts Khartoum citizens to immediately report any fuel station that fills tankers or barrels, describing this as smuggling.

The Sudanese Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr Mohamed Awad Zayid Awad, has prompted citizens to immediately report any fuel station that fills any kind of "external packing", whether they are fuel tankers or barrels. He described these fills as smuggling, that affects the citizens of Khartoum.

Zayid Awad affirmed that he, during a visit on Wednesday night to the petroleum distribution stations in Khartoum state, witnessed a queue of vehicles in front of one station, while it was filling two fuel tankers. He claimed they had a capacity of 8,000 and 4,000 litres.

This station violated the distribution list, that prevents service stations to fill out fuel tankers. The Oil Minister said that gasoline in stations is allocated for the consumption of citizens, and that is is calculated on the state's domestic consumption.

Mid-June, residents in Khartoum reported to Radio Dabanga that the capital city experiences a crisis in diesoline. Dozens of vehicles queued in long lines before the fuel stations. Some motorcycle drivers confirmed the lack of diesoline in the majority of the fuel pumps in Sudan's capital. A few said that they buy diesoline from the black market for prices that range between SDG20 and 25 ($3.30-4.15).

(Sudan News Agency)