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Sudan's National Football team coach resigned

September 8 - 2015 KHARTOUM
Resigning Sudan National Football team coach Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed, nicknamed Mazda (StarAfrica)
Resigning Sudan National Football team coach Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed, nicknamed Mazda (StarAfrica)

Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed, nicknamed Mazda, announced his resignation, officially, as coach of the Sudan's National Football Team shortly after the referee whistled the end of the game in Libreville, Gabon.

The match was played on Saturday night at Gabon capital Libreville within the 2017 African Cup of nations' qualification matches.

Mazda said in press statements published by Sudan News Agency that he has informed the Sudan Football Association that the match would be his last one with the national team. It was said he was not happy with the way the Association handles the national teams.

He lamented the way the players were randomly picked up without proper selection process, lacking any preparatory clashes or trial opportunities before they were dumped into fierce African competitions. He argued that the players were picked from the two leading clubs in the country, a reference to bias, at the expense of individual merits.

As for the team loss of the match Mazda said he has expected a mild defeat or draw as worse. However because many of the players were newly introduced to the team, while other leading players were sidelined because of injuries, the result failed his expectations.

He complained the referee of the match was harsh with the players where he served one with a red card, notwithstanding that he was victim. He claimed the referee had also ignored cases which would have been in favour of the Sudan team.

Mazda, himself a veteran forward with the Sudanese national team in the mid eighties, is a graduate of the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Arts.

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