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Sudan refugee shot dead near Chad camp

April 11 - 2013 FARCHANA

An armed group killed a Sudanese man living in one of eastern Chad’s refugee camps on Wednesday morning when he refused to hand over his mobile phone to the insurgents.

The victim Adam Abdul Rahman was going shopping in Adre when he was approached by seven gunmen on horsebacks some 15 kilometers from camp Farchana. He was accompanied by Abdul Alaziz Saleh Abbakar, Yaqoub Hassan who were not hurt.

A source told Radio Dabanga the gunmen took the money, mobile phones and other possessions of the three refugees, including their clothes, before fleeing.

Rahman’s body was buried at the Farchana camp and authorities were reportedly notified about the incident.

Gaga camp

On Monday night Fatima Hamid of the Gaga refugee camp in Chad, was severely beaten during a robbery attempt just two kilometers outside the camp.

She was heading to a market in Umm Luena with two other women, Sadia and Hanan, when an outlaw approached them.

Hamid was beaten with a stick and suffered injuries around the kidney area. She was taken to a hospital and the police was informed about what happened, her relative said.

File photo: a refugee camp in Chad (Radio Dabanga)


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