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Sudan PM Hamdok: ‘Zero tolerance for those seeking to derail revolution’

June 16 - 2021 KHARTOUM
Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok (SUNA)
Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok (SUNA)

Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has issued a stern warning that “the government of the revolution will not compromise or tolerate those who intend to exploit the revolution to create chaos, and distort the of the revolutionaries, with the aim of slipping the country into a state of instability”.

Addressing the nation on Tuesday, Hamdok highlighted the fragile security situation in recent days, warning that “the country is threatened by divisions because of the deteriorating security situation, including looting and terrorising of the public in some areas”.

Agents provocateurs

Hamdok pointed out that “on June 3, the masses rushed to the streets to express their demands in a peaceful and civilized way, but some of the vandals and supporters of the deposed former regime exploited the situation to create chaos”.

He lauded the revolutionaries who protected the roadblocks and made “the miracle of the sit-in”, expressing hope that the youth will play the same role they played during the first days of the revolution.

He attributed the deterioration of the security situations to the disagreement between the components of the revolution, calling on the forces of the revolution to unite and organise their ranks to protect the goals and the values of the revolution.

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