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Sudan Oil Corp limits petrol to one tank a week

January 16 - 2019 KHARTOUM

The Sudanese Oil Corporation has implemented the decision to restrict the use of petrol for the owners of private vehicles by limiting the filling of the vehicle once a week by a designated card issued by the Corporation.

The owners of private vehicles say that the decision compromises their work, as the tank can finish before the end of the week. This curtails the operation of taxis and Tirhal (informal taxi) vehicles.

UAE support

President Omar Al Bashir announced arrangements for the provision of petroleum products through local resources and with the support of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

He explained that the government is working to close the gap of foreign exchange and raise the proceeds of non-oil exports.

He said during his speech to the leaders of the native administration and parties in Nyala in South Darfur that the state has provided about $4 billion of revenues from exports of non-petroleum materials, at a time when the need of the country’s foreign exchange $8 billion.

He added, “We are working to arrange all things, yes, it is not easy, but now the position of flour and wheat is arranged.”

“We will provide fuel through local capabilities and with the support of some of the brothers.

I would like to mention our UAE brethren who have stood with us at the moment and we will arrange with them to provide all the fuel needed by the country”.

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