Sudan MSC overrules fuel price increase

Graphic: RD

A member of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council (MSC), Lt Gen Shamseldin Kabbashi, has overruled a decision by the acting Minister of Energy to increase fuel prices in the war-torn country, asserting that proper approval procedures were not followed.

In a press statement on Friday, Gen Kabbashi explained that the decision to raise petrol and diesel process across Sudan “was made without the knowledge of the Ministry of Finance and was not presented to the Cabinet meeting”.

The MSC stressed that reversing the decision also takes into consideration “the critical conditions suffered by the people of Sudan”.

The Ministry of Energy and Oil announced on August 6 that it would raise the prices of petrol and diesel. The ministry said in the press statement last week that it had decided to increase the litre price of petrol from SDG585 to SDG630, and diesel from SDG582 to SDG590. This decision would have been the first of its kind since the war began.