Sudan intelligence forces detain, torture activist

Intelligence authorities tortured and arrested Musab El Hadi, a member of the El Gedaref Resistance Committee, at 9:00 a.m before releasing him later on at 17:00 p.m, on Tuesday.

Intelligence officers detained and reportedly tortured Musab El Hadi, a member of the El Gedaref Resistance Committees, on Tuesday morning before releasing him later that day.

The El Gedaref Resistance Committee condemned the detention of El Hadi, saying that “he was beaten, tortured, and threatened by the intelligence authorities”. According to the committee, El Hadi was accused by the authorities as “defaming individual intelligence personnel”.

In Khartoum, members of the Darfur Lawyers Bar reported that a number of their homes were raided by forces driving four-wheel drive vehicles.

In a statement, the lawyers said that Abdelmalek Mousa's house was raided three times in the past week and that the forces “terrorised his elderly and diabetic mother”.

They added that “the ongoing and repeated prosecutions and detentions of lawyers and activists reveal the hypocrisy behind Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan's statements to release all detainees within a short period of time”.