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Sudan food prices soar

December 3 - 2017 KHARTOUM / EL FASHER / SAWAKIN
A bakery in Khartoum (File photo)
A bakery in Khartoum (File photo)

The prices of foodstuffs and consumer goods, especially meat and sugar, have soared in various Sudanese states, as demand exceeds supply.

Last week the price of a kilogramme of beef in Khartoum rose from SDG 70 ($10,50) to SDG 100 ($15) and lamb from SDG 130 ($20) to SDG 150 ($22,50).

The butchers attributed the rise to the rise of the prices of cattle and sheep, as well as a rise in demand and consumption.

In El Fasher, the price of a jerry can of vegetable oil has risen from SDG 600 ($90) to SDG 640 ($96), a sugar sack SDG 700 ($105), lamb SDG 100 ($15) and beef SDG 80 ($12).

Residents of Kabkabiya explained that the prices have become unaffordable as the price of suguar sack has risen to SDG 710 ($106), millet flour sack SDG 470 ($70), onions sack SDG 750 ($112), millet sack SDG 750 ($112), oil tin SDG 730 ($110) and a Kilo of beef SDG 70 ($10,50).

Bread crisis

The bread crisis in Sawakin in the Red Sea state has entered its eleventh day without any signs of a solution.

Bakery owners have attributed the crisis to the reduction of the daily ration of flour provided by economic security.

Journalist Mohammed El Amin Osheik told Radio Dabanga that people are daily overcrowded in the bakeries without getting their needs of bread.

They bakery owners reported that most of the bakeries have been closed because of lack of flour.

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