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Sudan flood deaths rise to 77 – El Managil in El Gezira declared disaster area

August 18 - 2022 NYALA / EL OBEID / EL MANAGIL / RABAK
Floods in Blue Nile state (File photo: HAC)
Floods in Blue Nile state (File photo: HAC)

The official death toll from torrential rains and flash floods in Sudan has risen to 77, thousands of homes have been destroyed in South Darfur and North Kordofan, and El Managil locality in El Gezira state has been declared a disaster area.

The torrential rains and floods that hit South Darfur in the past days destroyed more than 9,000 homes and forced more than 30,000 families to stay outdoors.

The governor appealed to the relevant government agencies, benefactors, and the people of Darfur "at home and abroad" to provide urgently required humanitarian, health, and shelter assistance.

In North Kordofan, at least 29 people were killed and more than 1,000 houses collapsed in various areas following torrential rains.

Police Col Siddig Talio Argo, Director of Civil Defence Police in the state, said in a press statement on Wednesday that North Kordofan has seen 19 dead, the total destruction of 128 houses, the partial collapse of 1,034 homes, 32 shops and four public facilities. Talio said that the most affected areas were West Bara, Um Dam Haj Ahmed, and Sodari.

El Managil locality in El Gezira has been declared a disaster area, where more than 3,000 families were affected. According to a civil defence report, at least 12,551 houses were completely destroyed by the floods and 20,257 houses collapsed partially. About 33 government facilities, 39 shops and 1,470 acres of agricultural land were affected as well.

In White Nile state, more than 4,000 families have been affected by the floods.

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