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Sudan doctors: 70 injured in Monday’s marches

March 30 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Street barricades have become a familiar sight in Khartoum (File pheto)
Street barricades have become a familiar sight in Khartoum (File pheto)

More than 70 demonstrators were injured during Monday’s March of the Millions in Khartoum, which is part of the peaceful revolutionary escalation to resist the coup announced by the coordination of the Resistance Committees in the Sudan capital for the last week of March.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors says that one protestor will need eye surgery after a serious injury. The doctors say that five demonstrators were injured by stun grenades, one of whom lost most of his hand. Another five received head injuries when munitions were thrown into buildings.

The report indicated that two demonstrators were injured by being run over by vehicles belonging to the regular forces, five separate cases of injuries as a result of beating with batons, throwing stones and a stampede in the Khartoum Sulaimiya demonstrations on Monday.


Prof Faisal Hassan Badr, head of the Sudanese Teachers Committee in Omdurman locality, was reportedly detained “by a heavily armed force” from his home in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and taken to an unknown destination.

In the meantime, the security authorities arrested four members of the El Fetaihab Resistance Committees, Square 9, in Omdurman.

In a statement, the Teachers’ Committee described the arrest of Prof Badr as an attempt to break the teachers’ strike, and held the authorities responsible for his safety.

The statement called on the coup authorities to search for solutions through which to meet these demands.

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