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Sudan authorities arrest SPLM Pagan Amum

December 7 - 2009 KHARTOUM

Sudanese authorities arrested the SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum and his deputy Yassir Arman. Both were taken to the police station after appearing for the planned protest in front of the National Assembly. They planned to present a petition to members of parliament to enact the referendum law, which facilitates a referendum for the self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan. Reuters said that around 25 SPLM and opposition supporters gathered outside the parliament in the early hours of Monday and were surrounded by armed police.

 The Al-Jazeera website said that its TV crew was prevented from covering the demonstration and their tapes were confiscated. Amum speaking through his cell phone from the police station to Al-Jazeera said that they have recieved permission from the interior ministry to carry out the demonstration within the bounds of the law. They notified the authorities beforehand.

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