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Sudan: At least 18 killed in West Kordofan clashes

August 2 - 2021 EL FULA
A Misseriya herder with his cattle (File photo: EPA)
A Misseriya herder with his cattle (File photo: EPA)

Yesterday, a Misseriya tribesman was killed and two soldiers were injured in the northern part of West Kordofan. This is the latest incident of the tribal violence that erupted between Misseriya clans in the area last week, and left 17 tribesmen dead. 35 others were wounded.

A joint force of army soldiers, members of the Rapid Support Forces militia, and policemen were deployed north of El Mahfora, east of Abu Zabad, in the end of last week following heavy fighting between members of the Misseriya Humur and the Misseriya Zurug in the area.

After a visit to the area on Saturday, West Kordofan Governor Hammad Abdelrahman said in a press statement that 17 Misseriya tribesmen were killed and 32 others were wounded. Three government forces were injured as well.

The joint force was able to contain the situation, the governor stated. They are now stationed in the 20 kilometres buffer zone set by the State Security Committee north of El Mahfora to prevent renewed clashes between the warring Arab tribesmen.

Yet, another tribesman was killed in the buffer zone yesterday. The West Kordofan Government Secretariat reported in a statement yesterday evening that renewed violence erupted on Sunday morning, when members of the joint force began combing the buffer zone, and held four tribesmen for the possession of Kalashnikov rifles. In response, their comrades began to fire at the government troops. One gunman was killed and two government soldiers were injured. They were taken to the hospital of the state capital El Fula.

According to Governor Abdelrahman, the West Kordofan authorities previously addressed the federal government in Khartoum about serious  tribal tensions between the Misseriya clans, and requested the demarcation of borders between the two warring parties. A committee arrived and did its work, but the outcomes have not been dealt with on the ground, he said.

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