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Sudan a 'failed state': expert

December 17 - 2013 AMSTERDAM

The Sudanese government’s policies, poor economic plans, the tendency to rely on oil revenues, the destruction of the productive sector of (industry and agriculture), major spending on security and the army, and the mobilisation of militias for the wars, have led to a negative growth. Sudan has become a failed state and one of the most corrupt states of the world, according to Dr Hamed El Tijani Ali, Professor of Public Policies at the American University in Cairo,

Ali reported in an interview with Radio Dabanga on Monday that Sudan has allocated 75 per cent of its 2014 budget to the security forces, adding that the Sudanese people will bear the burden of the consequences of these policies. He described the government policies as “an utmost failure” and stressed that the only solution to the crisis in Sudan’s economy is regime change.

The Public Policies expert expects that continuation of the current regime’s policies will lead to a further deterioration of the country’s economic, political and security crises. He warned that the situation will inevitably lead to insurgencies in other regions than Darfur. “If the wars and the fighting in Sudan continue, it will inevitably lead to the disintegration and complete collapse of the state.”

“The regime is now at its weakest, because of the lack of resources and the rising costs of the civil wars,” the professor said, noting that the Sudanese people are capable of making a difference, if they reject ethnic discrimination and unite.

File photo: Prof. Hamed El Tijani Ali during an interview in a Radio Dabanga studio


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