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Sudan: 6 protestors arrested, 5 injured as coup leaders snubbed in North Darfur

February 3 - 2022 EL FASHER
Injured protestor in El Fasher (Photo: Social media)
Injured protestor in El Fasher (Photo: Social media)

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors announced five injuries in El Fasher on Wednesday, following the military crackdown on the protesting resistance committees who refused to acknowledge the visiting coup leaders, Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, Deputy Chairman Mohamed ‘Hemeti’ Dagalo and, the Supreme Council delegation.

Military forces fired tear gas on the peaceful demonstrators and launched a campaign of mass arrests of politicians and activists in the resistance committees. Notable arrests included Amani Hasabou and Asma El Nour of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP), Mohamed Salem, Badr Abdelrahman, and Hamza Mohamed of the resistance committees, along with a number of displaced people who have not yet been identified.

In a statement made by the SCP in North Darfur following the arrest of their former leader, Amani Hasabou, they emphasised the unjust manner in which “she was brutally assaulted with rifle butts before being thrown into the army vehicle in a humiliating manner”.

On Wednesday morning, the large military presence was also met by the local professional associations and the coordinator of displaced persons and refugees, who all issued separate statements boycotting the arrival of the coup leaders in El Fasher.

The Central Committee of Doctors also explained in their field report that in addition to the use of tear gas, sticks, batons, and metal chains were also used to disperse the demonstrations. Which resulted in a number of head injuries and two injuries to the face and abdomen with a metal chain. The report also noted a number of minor injuries were not brought to the hospital.

El Burhan’s arrival in El Fasher on Wednesday morning, accompanied by ‘Hemeti’ and a number of leaders of the Darfur track, participated in a periodic meeting of the joint Supreme Council for security arrangements.

Upon arrival in El Fasher, the delegation engaged in lengthy closed-door meetings at the state government secretariat to discuss the security arrangements clause for the Darfur track in accordance with the Juba Peace Agreement, and the formation of the Joint Forces.

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