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Staff at Gireida Hospital strike in South Darfur

March 24 - 2016 GIREIDA
Medical care in Kutum, North Darfur (Albert González Farran/Unamid)
Medical care in Kutum, North Darfur (Albert González Farran/Unamid)

The personnel of Gireida Hospital in South Darfur embarked on a general strike after a member of Military Intelligence slapped an administration officer and a doctor on Tuesday. A staff member was held by the police when he wanted to send photos of the protest to Radio Dabanga.

The staff members also staged a demonstration on Wednesday morning, and handed a memorandum to the Commissioner of Gireida, and copies to the police, the Military Intelligence, and the security apparatus in the town, against the beating of their colleagues.

They demanded members of the military to be treated at a military hospital instead.

“On Tuesday morning, we were all waiting, when a Military Intelligence agent jumped from the queue and demanded to immediately see a doctor,” a relative of a patient told this station.

“When an employee asked him to wait like the others, he slapped him. After the doctor came out of his office and requested him to abide by the rules, he hit him as well.

“All the hospital staff embarked on a strike on Wednesday in solidarity with the attacked receptionist and doctor”, she said.

The source added that hospital worker Adam Mohamed Abbas was held by the police during the demonstration, when he raised his mobile phone to make photos of the protest. “The police accused him of intending to send them to Radio Dabanga.”

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