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SPLM-N claims victory in South Kordofan, Blue Nile battles

January 11 - 2015 NUBA MOUNTAINS / BAU
SPLM-N combatants after the battle of Trogi, South Kordofan, 6 January 2014 (SPLM-N)
SPLM-N combatants after the battle of Trogi, South Kordofan, 6 January 2014 (SPLM-N)

Rebel forces of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) announced that they destroyed three military convoys in the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan, during the past few days. SPLM-N troops in Blue Nile state reportedly ambushed a contingent of government forces near Bau on Saturday.

In a press statement issued this afternoon, the military spokesman for the SPLM-N, Arno Ngutulu Lodi, reported that the rebel forces successfully attacked a military convoy in the area of Dalouka, 8 km south of Kadugli, capital of South Kordofan, on Friday; a paramilitary convoy near Angarto, located 18 km northeast of Talodi on Saturday, and a third one in the area of El Geneiziya, 15 km north of Um Sirdiba, today.

“33 government forces were killed in the battles at Dalouka and El Geneiziya”, the statement reads, “including an officer with the rank of major and named Jamal Hamed Mudir. Two rebel fighters were killed, and two others injured.”

“At Angarto, our forces succeeded in destroying a large convoy of paramilitary Rapid Support Forces who attempted to occupy the area.”

The SPLM-N spokesman stated that the rebels managed to seize large quantities of light and heavy weapons “in good condition”, from the fleeing government forces in El Geneiziya, including “a brand-new T72 tank, four Ural lorries, four Land Cruisers, and four Dushka machine-guns”.

“In the battle of Dalouka, the rebels captured another two Dushka machine-guns, five AKM cannons, in addition to six Kalashnikovs, a number of rifles, and other weapons.”

Blue Nile

Concerning the ambush on a military contingent in Khor Demer, 30 km south of El Damazin, capital of Blue Nile state, on Saturday, four government forces were killed, among them the contingent’s commander, named Abakar Omar Mohamed. One rebel fighter was injured.

“The fleeing government forces left a cannon, an RPG [rocket-propelled grenade], five Kalashnikovs, and large quantities of missiles, and ammunition,” Lodi stated.

The SPLM-N spokesman concluded his statement by calling on “all forces seeking change, to unite in order to topple the one-party system, and build a country of peace, justice, democracy, and equal citizenship”. 

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