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Special Criminal Court for Darfur Crimes sentences 7 to death

March 28 - 2013 EL FASHER

Seven people were sentenced to death by the Special Criminal Court for Darfur Crimes for their involvement in an attack on a trade convoy in 2010 that left 59 Central Reserve Forces (Abu Tira) dead.

All victims were guarding the convoy, which was moving from Khartoum to Nyala, and were killed in an ambush.

The assault took place in the South Darfur area of Khor Baskawit. After Darfur was divided into five states about one year ago, the area fell under the jurisdiction of East Darfur.

According to Wednesday’s ruling, the offenders belonged to an “armed movement”, which is believed to be the Darfur rebel group Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

In an unusual development, the Court did not publish the names of the seven convicts.

File photo: Central Reserve Forces (Abu Tira)

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