South Darfur water crisis: Displaced queue for drinking water

The displaced people living in camps in Gireida locality complain about the scarcity of drinking water and long queues around the camps’ water sources.

The displaced people living in camps in Gireida locality, South Darfur, have complained about the scarcity of drinking water, that results in long queues around the camps' water sources.

One of the affected camps residents informed Radio Dabanga that this crisis started last April and is still ongoing. He appealed to the local and state authorities, and the organisations working in the water field, to speed up solving their problem.

Throughout Darfur and Sudan, crises of drinking water have emerged in the past weeks. Several areas in the capital of South Darfur, Nyala, have been without water owing to a number of broken pumps since mid-May. The water supply to El Fasher city, North Darfur, has decreased by more than half of the usual, the water management announced this week. Khartoum has also witnessed water outages, in one case leading to a street protest in El Kalakla Sanga’at district. 

Because of the shortages, the prices of barrels of water in these cities have risen sharply.