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South Darfur security agents arrest murderer, kidnapper

October 1 - 2015 NYALA
Nyala by night (Hamid Abdulsalam/Unamid)
Nyala by night (Hamid Abdulsalam/Unamid)

The Governor of South Darfur announced today that one of the suspected murderers of 15 people at the Holy Koran School in Ghabat Hamada valley last year has been arrested.

Governor Adam El Faki told reporters in the state capital of Nyala that security agents have arrested El Sadeg Ishag Tereibo, together with another gunman, Mahmoud Musa on Friday last week, the second day of the Eid El Adha (Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice). The security troops persecuted Tereibo and Musa after they kidnapped a young woman in the area of Mershing.

El Faki said that both criminals will soon be tried at one of the Emergency Courts set up in Nyala last year to combat the rampant insecure situation in the state. He warned “all outlaws in the state” that they will be arrested immediately should they violate the emergency measures.

State of Emergency

In July 2014, the South Darfur authorities imposed a number of emergency measures in an attempt to curb the increasing lawlessness in the state. An Emergency Court was established in August, to speedily try offenders of the measures that ban unregistered vehicles, a turban covering the face (kadamool), civilians carrying weapons, and having more than one person on a motorcycle.

On 6 September, the South Darfur Governor announced that the state authorities are considering the lifting of the State of Emergency, depending on “the decrease of lawlessness and improvement of the security conditions over the next three months”.

The Governor highlighted the stability in Nyala after the arrest of 80 per cent of members of criminal networks in the state, which, he said, prompted the authorities to reconsider the State of Emergency.


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