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South Darfur market fire consumes shops, stores

November 9 - 2017 KASS / GIREIDA
File photo
File photo

More than 250 shops and storage huts have been destroyed damaged in a fire that swept through the market of Kass in South Darfur in Tuesday evening.

The secretary-general of the Chamber of Commerce of Kass, Mohamed Ibrahim, reported that the fire broke out at 9 pm on Tuesday, caused damage to 100 stores and 150 adjacent storage huts. “They were built of firewood and straw. Most of them belong to the displaced people.”

He said that the fire destroyed vegetable shops, grain mills, meat grills, tea and hookah stalls, and electronics and mobile phone repair shops.

He pointed out that the preliminary estimate of the losses was about SDG 3 million ($500,000), and complained that explained that this fire is the fourth of its kind in recent months.


On Tuesday a fire broke out at a camp in Gireida in South Darfur and damaged 25 houses and a quantity of crops.

One of the victims told Radio Dabanga that the fire destroyed 10 houses completely and 15 partially, along with 100 sacks of groundnuts, 50 sacks of other crops, this along with causing the displacement of the affected families.

He pointed out that this fire is the third during this year and called on the authorities to provide a fire truck.

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