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Some relief for cholera patients in El Gezira

July 26 - 2017 EL GEZIRA
Poster on how to prevent the spread of cholera (Sudanese Doctors' Union)
Poster on how to prevent the spread of cholera (Sudanese Doctors' Union)

Fewer new cases of cholera are being reported in Sudan’s El Gezira, while equipment and medicines provided by charities have provided some relief for patients.

A medical source from Tamboul in El Gezira revealed that the number of hospitalised cases in the isolation centre on Tuesday were 50 cases after the discharge of 40 cases who recovered to health on Monday.

He said charities have provided the hospital with isolation tents, beds, medicines and intravenous solutions required after the death of two people and the infection of more than 100 people with cholera this week.

According to the medical source the hospital has not recorded new cases of cholera on Monday and Tuesday.


He described the condition of patients hospitalised in the isolation centre as stable and asked for more intravenous solutions.

In the state Khartoum Health Minister, Mamuon Hummeida, said that 21 people have died of cholera and other 1,829 have been infected in Khartoum state.

The Minister confirmed in a statement to the State Legislative Council on the health situation that “watery diarrhoea has almost completely decreased”.

He said that the ministry has taken many measures and arrangements to reduce the spread of the disease through isolation and treatment of cases by trained personnel and provision of intravenous solutions and medicines for the patients in areas of the spread of cholera


The Ministry of Health in El Gezira state reported that malaria has caused the death of 37 people during the first half of this year.

The ministry said the death toll has fallen this year in El Gezira state compared to last year in which 50 people died.

Dr Emadeldin El Jack, the Minister of Health in the state, announced at a press conference the launch of spraying campaign at El Haraga Nureldin east of Medani with a $71-million UNDP-funded campaign targeting 48,000 families.

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