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SLM: Doha and Abuja not the solution

September 3 - 2012 KHARTOUM

Abdel Wahid Mohamed al-Nur, leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM), said in an interview with Radio Dabanga on Sunday 2 September, that nor the Doha Document nor the Abuja Agreement solved any problems in Darfur. He explained that the only way to solve Sudan's problems is by adopting comprehensive solutions and not separate agreements, as done so far.

He added that peace in Darfur will only be achieved when the genocide and rapes stop, when pro-government militias are disarmed, and when refugees and displaced persons are individually and collectively compensated. He stressed that these issues are not found in the Doha Document nor in other peace treaties, and that separate peace agreements will only provide partial solutions.

Mohamed al-Nur also exposed his view on Ibrahim Gambari's departure from UNAMID. He said the solution to Darfur is not replacing Gambari, but changing the mission's mandate, which he described as weak. The SLM leader added policymakers around the world agree UNAMID's mandate needs to be changed. He affirmed Sudanese people want the protection of civilians and not the protection of peace.

Shadow government

Abdel Wahid Mohamed al-Nur, also announced during his interview with Radio Dabanga that arrangements to form a shadow government in Sudan have been prepared.

Mohamed al-Nur, who is also the Vice President of the Sudan Revolutionary Front's (SRF) Political Affairs, suggested to Radio Dabanga that a shadow government is imminent in Sudan. He added arrangements for it are being made in consultation with all political forces and other instances that believe in change in the country.

The leader of SLM explained the shadow government will be tasked with taking over and running Sudan during the transitional period following Omar al-Bashir's and the National Congress Party's (NCP) outage. Mohamed al-Nur ensured Radio Dabanga there is a consensus among the different parties involved in the consultations regarding the regime change.

He revealed that, among other items, it was agreed that the shadow government will write a new constitution and prepare free and fair elections. In addition, al-Nur said, Sudan will have a clear separation between religion and state and everyone will have equal citizenship statuses.

During his interview, al-Nur affirmed once more he will not negotiate with the Sudanese government. He added a radical change must take place in Sudan, comprehensively changing the structure of governance and administration in the country. Mohamed al-Nur appealed to all political and civil forces in Sudan to leave behind their differences and direct their hostilities to the NCP. According to him, the NCP is to blame for ruining and dividing Sudan.

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