Shelling continues in Sudan capital, 15 killed in Omdurman

The three cities of Khartoum state remained engulfed in violent battles between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Tuesday. Artillery shelling on residential areas in Omdurman left 15 people dead, including children. In Khartoum North, a man was shot dead by an army soldier.

In a press statement on Monday, the Emergency Room of Ombadda in Omdurman accused the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) of escalating their shelling in residential neighbourhoods. They reported shelling in five Ombadda housing blocks which claimed the lives of 15 people, including children, and damaged five houses.

The Ombadda Emergency Room also condemned forced evacuations of residents from their homes by the RSF, “who use their homes as military barracks”.

People living in El Shajara neighbourhood in the west of Khartoum reported intense fighting to Radio Dabanga.

They also said that RSF soldiers forcibly evacuated families from their homes in El Sahafa, Jabra, Abu Adam, and El Kalakla.

Other sources spoke about civilian movement being restricted by paramilitaries in the neighbourhoods of Arkaweet, El Ma’amoura, El Taif and El Jereif in in some areas in eastern Khartoum.

According to sources close to the Sudanese army, an attack by RSF troops on the El Kadaro neighbourhood in Khartoum North (Khartoum Bahri) was successfully repelled.

Army bullets

On Sunday, Adam Arabi, a 41-year-old father of ten, was killed, and his 14-year-old son was injured in Khartoum North when they were on the way to El Kadaro.

According to a relative of the victims, “Adam was driving a rickshaw to visit his mother with his son and nephew, when they encountered a force of the Sudanese army. The soldiers signalled them to stop, but Adam was driving too fast and heard the request too late”.

Seifelnasr Suleiman, a member of the Khartoum III Emergency Room, was held by the RSF from his home in the neighbourhood.