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Severe fuel, water shortages across Sudan

March 23 - 2018 SUDAN
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Reports continue to reach Radio Dabanga daily of severe fuel and drinking water shortages across the length and breadth of Sudan.

For two weeks camp Otash in Nyala, capital of South Darfur, has witnessed a severe water crisis due to lack of fuel.

One of the camp sheikhs attributed the crisis to the national organisation of West’s suspension of work at the camp and asked the World Vision organisation to provide fuel to the organisation to correct the faults.

He said the displaced are unable to provide fund for fuel because of poverty and high prices of fuel.

West Darfur

Sirba in West Darfur has witnessed a severe drinking water crisis due to the interruption of water pumps.

Residents of Sirba reported to Radio Dabanga that ten out of the 14 pumps operating in the city had stopped. They said they are bringing water from the far wells that caused rise of water prices.

They called on the authorities to speed up the repair of pumps, especially as many areas in the locality are suffering from acute water crisis.

North Kordofan

In North Kordofan the residents of El Mazroub have protested against the lack of drinking water.

They pointed out to the use of cars tankers to fetch water from remote areas causing the price of a barrel of water to rise to SDG 90.

The Minister of Social Affairs of North Kordofan, El Mardi Siddig, has acknowledged the water crisis in El Mazroub area.

He explained that the state government began to aid the area by bringing tankers and water skins for the distribution of water to the districts of the city.

He pointed to the lack of tankers for rent or purchase because of the reluctance of the owners of tankers and refusal to work in the area because it is rugged.

Northern State

Dongola in Sudan’s Northern State is experiencing a severe cooking gas and fuel crisis.

The residents of Dongola pointed to the lines of people in front of cooking gas distribution centres and the long queues of trucks and vehicles in front of fuel stations.

They on the government to expedite the provision of cooking gas and fuel.

West Darfur

El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur, has suffered of a severe drinking water crisis for more than a week.

Residents of El Geneina told Radio Dabanga that the crisis was caused by a malfunction in the El Geneina water station.

They pointed to the rise of the prices of water and called on the authorities to intervene to resolve the problem.

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