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'Seven women leave Sudan to join IS': newspaper

September 10 - 2015 KHARTOUM
Sudan university students (Pinterest)
Sudan university students (Pinterest)

Seven Sudanese women have joined the Islamic State, a newspaper reported in Khartoum on Wednesday.

Akhir Lahza reported that the seven women have left Sudan in the period between 29-31 August, in several air flights from Khartoum Airport to Arabic cities and capitals. The newspaper said one of them has left the country with her two children.

It pointed out that the families have informed the authorities about their disappearances, which in turn have searched the records of departure at the airport. They traced their names in the records of people departing via Khartoum Airport.

This is the fourth group of young Sudanese that left the country to join the extremist group. The three groups before consisted of medical students.

‘Officials involved’

The daughter of the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ali El Sadig, was among the students who disappeared in June. He wondered how she could board an aircraft at Khartoum airport without the exit stamp required for Sudanese to leave the country or a visa for Turkey or any other country.

According to El Sadig, the travel in June was an organised event with high officials involved. It would otherwise have been impossible for them to travel without being caught.

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