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Riyadh IDPs reject government expelling Swiss organisation

May 30 - 2012 Riyadh camp

Displaced people in Riyadh camp in El Geneina reject the government's decision for local authorities to run 12 nurseries previously run by the Swiss children's organisation Terre des Hommes (TDH), which have been expelled from the camp.

Witnesses said 300 leaders representing Riyadh residents met with the Humanitarian Aid Commission and the Ministry of Education and told them local authorities are incapable of managing the centres, which require the financial resources to pay teachers and security guards.

They stressed the need to allow TDH to continue working in the camp.

They said each nursery centre takes 40 children and camp residents are worried that the government's plan is to drain the last remaining services offered by organisations to force displaced people to leave the camps and return to their villages.


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