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Resolution calls on US Secretary of State to consider ‘targeted sanctions’ against Sudan coup leaders

November 7 - 2021 WASHINGTON
US Capitol in Washington (File photo: Library of Congress)
US Capitol in Washington (File photo: Library of Congress)

A resolution has been tabled in the US Congress condemning the October 25 the military coup orchestrated by Lt Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, head of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and President of the now-disbanded Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan, standing with the people of Sudan, and underlining US recognition of Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok “as the constitutional leaders of Sudan’s transitional government”. It calls on the US Secretary of State to “immediately identify coup leaders, their accomplices, and enablers for consideration for targeted sanctions…”

The concurrent resolution submitted by Representative Gregory Meeks (Dem NY-5) and supported by Michael McCaul (Rep TX-10) last week, has been referred to the Foreign Affairs and Financial Services committees of Congress.

The resolution also calls for Sudan’s military junta to immediately release all civilian government officials, civil society members, and other individuals detained in connection with the coup, return to constitutional rule under the transitional constitution as the starting point for negotiations with civilians toward full civilian rule, and lift the State of Emergency, including complete restoration of all means of communication, referring to the disruption of internet and telecommunications traffic in Sudan since the coup.

The resolution further calls for the military junta to remove all roadblocks and checkpoints, and order the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and RSF to stand down and comply with international recognized rules of engagement, to ensure security forces respect the right to peaceful protest and hold those who used excessive force and committed other abuses accountable in a transparent, credible process, to cease all attempts to change the civilian composition of the cabinet, Sovereign Council, and other government bodies; and transfer leadership of the Sovereign Council to a civilian member of the Sovereign Council in keeping with the transitional constitution.

Targeted sanctions

The resolution calls on the Secretary of State to “immediately identify coup leaders, their accomplices, and enablers for consideration for targeted sanctions,” and to urge junta leaders to return immediately to the rule of law as set forth by the transitional constitution.

It also calls on international partners to join US efforts to impose targeted sanctions on the junta and other accomplices to the coup, monitor, discourage, and deter any effort by external parties to support the junta, and suspend Sudan’s participation in all regional multilateral organisations until Sudan is returned to constitutional rule.

Aid suspended

The USA has already suspended $700m in aid to Sudan immediately following the coup.US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price announced on October 26 that “the US is pausing assistance from the $700 million in emergency assistance appropriations of Economic Support Funds for Sudan. Those funds were intended to support the country’s democratic transition as we evaluate the next step for Sudan programming.”

The following day, World Bank President David Malpass announced that the World Bank Group has suspended the disbursement of all its operations in Sudan and stopped deciding on any new operations while it closely monitors and assesses the situation.

Read the complete resolution here

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