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Resistance Committee member assaulted by Sudan intelligence officer

August 17 - 2022 UM RAWABA
File photo
File photo

A senior member of the Sennar Resistance Committees says he was violently assaulted after being taken off a bus and detained by intelligence services from Um Rawaba, North Kordofan, on Thursday.

El Tayeb Aratmeily told the Voice of States programme Radio Dabanga, on, that intelligence officers stopped the bus he was traveling on to Kosti at a checkpoint outside the town of Um Rawaba. Aratmeily says the officers proceeded to remove him and several other passengers from the bus, for inspection, before taking him away to the intelligence office.

After arriving at the office, Aratmeily claimed he was repeatedly hit on the head with the butt of a rifle until he lost consciousness. He also said that he was punched, kicked, and verbally abused before eventually being released hours later.

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