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Rescue operation at collapsed gold mine in North Darfur called off

April 19 - 2015 JEBEL 'AMER
Workers climb out of a gold mine in El Ebeidiya, River Nile state, in northern Sudan (
Workers climb out of a gold mine in El Ebeidiya, River Nile state, in northern Sudan (

The rescue operation at the collapsed gold mine in Jebel ‘Amer, El Sareif Beni Hussein locality, was called off this morning, because the safety of the local rescue workers cannot be guaranteed anymore.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga from the mining area in Jebel ‘Amer, activist El Sadig Daoud reported that continuing the operation has become too dangerous.

He said that the workers managed to rescue only two of the estimated 80 to 100 miners who were working at the well, when a tunnel collapsed on Tuesday. 40 bodies have been recovered so far.

“The rescue workers also found a site where other bodies are buried under the rubble, but they could not start digging, as it is deemed too risky.”

Daoud explained that the well “looked like a cave. It was almost entirely closed from the outside world. People think that the doors were bolted by the collapse. Most probably the well collapsed because former miners had dug holes at random in the walls.

“The rescue workers first found three dead mine workers. Then, 30 bodies were recovered, and a little later seven others. Only two mine workers could be rescued. They were in critical condition.”

The activist attributed the collapse to the haphazard way the people are working in the mine, and the neglect of safety measures by the overseers. “The mine workers work, drink, and take their meals in the excavation pit. No precautions are taken. The supervising committee has still a lot to correct.”

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