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Relatives of Darfuri students ‘held in police custody’ in Omdurman

May 7 - 2015 KHARTOUM

A number of family members of Darfuri students are reportedly being held in police custody in Omdurman. At least three Darfuri students were detained in front of Bahri University on Wednesday.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga from Omdurman, the sister-city of Khartoum, a relative of a student from Darfur reported that he had seen a large number of Darfuri relatives of Sharg El Nil College students being held at the Dar El Salamat police station, south of the Libya market.  

He said that among them were Fatima Mohamed Idris (50) who was detained at her home in Omdurman’s Umbadda on Monday morning, together with Medina Mohamed Abdelkarim, student at Sharg El Nil College, her sister Jamila, who studies at the Ahliya University in Omdurman, and a male student, of El Nilein University in Khartoum.

He said that the next day, “factory worker Jamal Adam Saleh (20), labourer El Dom Hassan Taher (25), and Mona Zakariya, a university graduate, were held at the same house. They were also taken to the Dar El Salamat police station, but were released again on Wednesday afternoon.”

Radio Dabanga reported this (Thursday) morning that Darfuri student Mohamed Adam Boko was held by security agents in front of the Bahri University gate on Wednesday morning.

Another student told Radio Dabanga today that Ahmed Suleiman Ahmed was also held at the gate, and taken to an unknown destination.

Ahmed Ismail Ahmed, a civil engineering student, was detained in front of Bahri University’s main gate on Wednesday afternoon, a third student reported.

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