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Rebels claim seizing military base in C. Darfur, 'over 100 killed'

February 7 - 2013 GOLO

Two days of battles between rebels and the Sudanese army near Golo in Central Darfur left “over 100 killed and dozens wounded” on both sides, the Sudan Liberation Movement- Abdel Wahid (SLM-AW) claims.

The movement’s military spokesman, Mustafa Tambour, further claimed the rebels seized a military base in Derbat, West Jebel Marra, on Wednesday at about 2:00pm. 

He announced that 123 Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) soldiers and pro-government militias were killed during the clashes, while dozens were wounded and several others were captured.

In addition, the SLM-AW allegedly seized nine Land Cruisers mounted with Dushkas and three long-range missiles belonging to the army. Several military equipments were reportedly destroyed. 

Government forces fled in the direction of an area called Malam, in South Darfur, the spokesman stressed.

“Heavily bombed”

Tambour added to Radio Dabanga that the rebels clashed again with the SAF and its militias on Thursday at 4:00pm in the area of Carmel, east of Golo.

The spokesman said that 28 Sudanese officers were killed and a government Land Cruiser was seized, the spokesman said.

Three rebels were also killed during the offensive and others were injured. Some of them are in critical conditions, he pointed out.

The rebels’ spokesman alleged that the Sudanese air force “heavily bombed” Carmel following the clashes.


Fighting in the West Jebel Marra region of Central Darfur reportedly broke out on 23 December, when the SLM-AW claimed to have captured the Jildu garrison, leaving the government with only two strongholds in the area.

Jildu is an important junction that connects East and West Jebel Marra (prized for its fertile land), located near the central town of Golo.

The UN estimated that more than 30.000 people fled their homes as a result of the fighting.

On 15 January, residents of the Jildu garrison area told Radio Dabanga they had not heard sounds of gunshots or of government airplanes flying over the region for the past two days. They suggested the battles could have subdued.

However, on Monday the SLM-AW claimed government forces fired six long-range missiles on Golo, killing a girl and injuring two others.

Radio Dabanga file photo

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