Ransom demanded for abducted aid staff in North Darfur

The relatives of an abducted employee of an Irish aid organisation and one other man in Kutum town, refuse to pay a ransom to militiamen for their release.

The pro-government militiamen who have abducted an employee of the Irish GOAL organisation and one other man in Kutum town have demanded a ransom for their release.

Abdallah Mustafa Abdallah, a fuel merchant, and Ibrahim Adam Abdelshakur, working for the Irish aid organisation, were abducted by militiamen on 12 May and 3 June respectively. After the ransom was announced, the victims' relatives told Radio Dabanga that they have decided not to pay a single penny to the abductors. They repeatedly commit acts of abduction for money, a relative said, and the families will not contribute to the militiamen exercising their criminal acts.

Both Mustafa Abdallah and Abdelshakur were taken from within Kutum town in North Darfur, towards an unknown destination.