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Protests against neglect of martyrs' bodies in Sudanese morgues

April 20 - 2021 KHARTOUM
The bodies of those killed during the June 3 Massacre (RD)
The bodies of those killed during the June 3 Massacre (RD)

In Khartoum, protesters continued their sit-in in front of a Hospital for the second day in a row yesterday in protest against the decomposition of around 190 bodies in the hospital’s morgue. Some bodies are likely to be of people that are still classified as ‘missing’ since the June 3 Massacre, also called the Ramadan 29 Massacre.

The participants in the sit-in called for a thorough inspection of all morgues and mortuaries, the counting of all the bodies, and proper DNA examination of the remains. They also demanded the dismissal of the Director of Forensic Medicine and called on the Director of the Ministry of Health in Khartoum to support the legal process of retribution for the killing of the martyrs.

To help achieve the demands and support the case, a procession has been announced for 8 pm Today.

The National Commission for Human Rights announced the formation of a fact-finding committee to investigate the bodies, which began its duties on Sunday.

They said in a press statement that the situation is tragic and also threatens to become an environmental disaster and a violation of people’s health. They further said that they will follow up the investigation with the relevant authorities to uncover the truth and investigate the allegations made.

The committee stressed that this can only be done after an autopsy and other necessary investigations are carried out on the bodies.

Footage of the violent break-up of the sit-in on June 3, 2019 (RD)


On October 9, 2019, the Sudanese Doctors Central Committee accused several hospital morgues of providing misleading information to the families of missing protestors. The doctors accuse them of denying that bodies were present at the morgues while, in fact, they were.

Earlier this year, the Public Prosecution charged the suspended director of the Omdurman Hospital morgue in connection with the June 3 Massacre.

Investigations into unidentified bodies in morgues have taken place in Wad Madani as well.

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