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Prominent member of Sudanese Ba'ath Party held in Darfur

August 7 - 2022 ZALINGEI / KHARTOUM
Sudanese policemen
Sudanese policemen

Sudanese authorities in Zalingei, Central Darfur, detained a prominent member of the Political Committee of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party on Thursday. Emergency Lawyers said on Friday that activist Hosam El Sayad is being held by the authorities in Khartoum North (Bahri). He is in a critical condition due to several bullet wounds.

In a statement published on Friday, the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party said Ali Hamdan, member of the now dissolved and Empowerment Removal Committee (ERC), was held by police officers in Zalingei following a post on his Facebook page where he denounced the police’s assault and detention of a member from the Central Committee of the Forces of Freedom and Change. Since his detention, Hamdan has been subjected to torture and his health has deteriorated, the party said.

In his Facebook post, Hamdan rejected the charges of committing information crimes and possession of narcotics against the committee member, describing it as an attempt to "break the thorns of activists in the revolutionary movement". His post also said that the detention of the committee member was evidence of "the police’s transformation from a law-protecting body to a tool that oppresses the people".

In their statement, the Ba’ath Party said that despite being seen by a doctor Zalingei Hospital, who confirmed his need for heart tests, Hamdan was prevented from receiving any treatment and returned to his cell, a move the party described as a violation of humanitarian laws. The party holds the police in Zalingei fully responsible, stressing that all legal means were taken "to criminalize this barbaric behaviour".

Hosam El Sayad found

Sudan’s Emergency Lawyers said on Friday that detainee Hosam Mansour El Sayad is being held in the Criminal Investigation Department in Khartoum North (Bahri) and is in a critical condition due to several bullet wounds.

In their statement, the Emergency Lawyers blamed the security authorities for his failing health and demand that El Sayad, whose whereabouts were unknown since his detention on July 21, receive immediate medical treatment. Sudanese authorities have since granted permission for El Sayad’s mother to visit him. El Sayad is believed to be a suspect in a report conducted by Sudan’s Military Intelligence Sergeant, the lawyers said. 

On Tuesday, another activist, Musab Ahmed ‘Sanjo’ was kidnapped by a group of men wearing civilian clothes in Khartoum. The Emergency Lawyers began a search campaign alongside Ahmed’s family and friends, as well as the Missing Persons Initiative, targeting police stations and places of detention.

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