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Post-Eid price hike pinches in Sudan

September 21 - 2016 SUDAN
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Food prices have risen sharply in Sudan in reaction to supply shortages following Eid el Adha (Muslim Feast of Sacrifice) just over a week ago.

People have complained of the rise of food prices, particularly sugar, which is experiencing a scarcity in the markets. The price for a 50 kilogramme sack has risen from SDG420 ($67.50) to SDG530 ($85.20).

Traders said that sugar prices started to rise after Eid “as a result of dealers storing the commodity to control prices”.

In South Darfur activist Nahla Yousif said that in Nyala, capital of South Darfur, a sack of sugar costs SDG600 ($97) and a tin of oil SDG300 ($48.50).

Callers told Radio Dabanga that the prices of all imported goods like flour, coffee, tea, and yeast have increased. They explained that 60% of the goods in the market are imported.

Traders have attributed the increases of prices to the transportation costs, and the and the high value of the US Dollar against the Sudanese Pound.

Sudan's inflation rate has continued to rise for the fifth consecutive month, measured at 18.15% in August compared with 16.5% in July resulting in a sharp increase in the price of consumer goods and services.

Economic analyst Kamal Karrar has attributed the high inflation rate to finance of the budget deficit, the high exchange rate of the Dollar against the Sudanese Pound and excessive monetary mass compared to the economic growth.

He said that the high inflation has led to decrease of real wages, rise of rates of poverty, deterioration of nutritional and health status and high rates of immigration and unemployment.

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