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Policeman killed at North Bahr El Ghazal polling center

April 14 - 2010 WAU

A policeman in Northern Bahr al Ghazal has been killed on the third voting day by an angry man who was caught drunk at the polling station the day before. According to reporter Peter Ochalla, the officer, Major Makuei Ariech, was reportedly stabbed to death in a retaliatory attack by the man he had stopped from causing chaos at the polling station the previous day. The man had been drunk a day before and returned with his brother to take revenge. The station was closed indefinitely. Voters told Gurtong-website that lack of transport had contributed to the slow process.

Other incidents

Ballot papers distributed by the NEC in Mundri were actually the ones for Maridi, Western Equatoria State Commissioner Bollen Abiater told Sudan Radio Service. The ones for Mvolo were taken to Maridi, he said. Ballot papers for the women’s list were missing in Mundri. The election officer for constituency 4 in Kotobi, James David Walla said: “They did not have the ballot papers for the women’s list. So I took some from station 1 and gave them to station 2.”

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