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Opposition coalition leaders detained by Sudan security

December 24 - 2018 OMDURMAN

On Saturday, security agents arrested 14 leaders of the National Consensus Forces (NCF, a coalition of Sudanese opposition parties) during a meeting of the coalition in Omdurman and transferred them to an unknown destination without releasing them so far.

The detainees include the head of the NCF, Faroug Abu Eisa, Wajdi Saleh, Sati El Hajj, Tarig Abdelmajid, and Amani Idris.

In a statement, the NCF called for the release of the leaders of the detainees and the rest of the detainees in the capital and the states.

The statement appealed to the doctors and lawyers to treat the wounded and the injured and defend the detainees, and condemned the failure of the international community and its institutions to carry out their legal and moral duties to stop brutal crimes.

The Darfur Bar Association (DBA) condemned the “excessive violence practiced by the authorities against the demonstrators and the use of firearm and teargas against the defenceless innocent civilians”.

In a statement, the DBA held the responsibility for the deaths of innocent victims to the government and called for the formation of an independent commission of inquiry and the publication of its findings to public opinion and to bring the perpetrators of criminal justice violations and redress the special damage caused by the events.

It demanded in its statement to disclose all detainees, the places of detention and to allow their families and lawyers to meet them.

In its statement, the Bar Association affirmed the legitimacy of peaceful marches and the fairness of the demands made, including the demand for Al Bashir's departure from power and the right to continue peaceful protest marches.

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