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At least one protestor killed, 90 injured during new March of the Millions in Sudan

February 15 - 2022 SUDAN
KHARTOUM March of the Millions (Social Media)
KHARTOUM March of the Millions (Social Media)

Both the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors and the Socialist Doctors Association have confirmed the death of at least one protestor (17), who died after being shot in the neck and chest, during his participation in yesterday’s Khartoum demonstrations.

The association said in a report that the protestor was transferred to El Jawdah hospital after being shot. In the report, they also noted the “excessive repressive tactics of coup authorities on protestors”.

During the March of Millions, 90 injuries were reported. 18 of the 90 injuries were as a result of live ammunition and projectiles, leaving many protestors critically injured.

The February 14 March of the Millions processions had tens of thousands demonstrators in attendance, with coordinated marches that headed from Bahri, Khartoum and Omdurman towards the parliamentary headquarters.

Field reports also stated that the processions were suppressed by the authorities who fired live ammunition, tear gas canisters, and rubber bullets. The tear gas canisters were reported to have caused a fire in the Khartoum railway buildings, as well as the trees inside the Parliament compound in Omdurman.

Crackdown on Northern State blockades

More than 15 cities across Sudan took part in the mass demonstrations yesterday. Alongside the main processions in Khartoum, resistance committees barricaded the Sheryan El Shimal road in the Northern State, linking Sudan and Egypt. The resistance committees who were protesting in support of the farmers facing a price-hike in electricity fees, barricaded the road in order to stop Egyptian trucks from passing.

The blockade that has particularly hampered freight traffic since January 9, was set up in protest against the sharp increases in electricity prices. Last year, the Ministry of Finance planned a significant increase in electricity prices for 2022, as it decided to continue with lifting subsidies o consumer goods, in order to meet the demands of the World Bank. In early January 2021, the power tariffs already increased by 500 per cent.

The February 14 protest in the Northern State follows the release of detainees from the Hafir Mushowi committees on Sunday evening. The detainees recounted the extent of the repression they faced whilst detained, saying that they were subjected to beatings and attempts at fabricated charges of ammunition possession.

The tactics employed by the authorities have resulted in the Northern State barricades being attacked and cleared, allowing trucks to pass through the Egypt-Sudan border. One of released detainees noted that the goal of the authorities, was to allow trucks carrying camels and sesame crops into Egypt.


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